For genealogy enthusiasts, there is now a wide range of online and local solutions to manage your genealogy.


The advantage of PC-based applications is the richness of functionality and confidentiality. The information is on the PC and not on the internet. But this is also an important limitation, because it becomes difficult to work together on the same genealogy. Moreover, the information cannot be shared easily with other family members (apart from printing or creating pdf documents).


The advantage of online applications is that they are always and everywhere accessible, and that they are integrated with other sources. The last point allows you to enrich what you already have. But also by reading the small letters of the conditions of use, the information you have entered can be used by the application. 


A long time ago I had already found an open source genealogical application to install on my server to manage my data. But the application has not been updated with the new web standards (not responsive, mixed development etc). 

I therefore embarked on the development of a genealogy management application that accepts GEDCOM files to contain and exchange data between systems. Small job a little underestimated :-) But a first version is deployed in test: 


Do not hesitate to come back from time to time to see the evolution.

Gedcom Genealogy Laravel