Written by Tanguy Lesseliers, Tuesday 26th January 2021

What was started as a simple Windows tool to be able to quickly view an electronic invoice in UBL ( or e-fff) format or to quickly convert a pdf document in a valid UBL file, finally ended up in an online solution on https://ublkit.be

Without wanting to be too technical, the application is targeting individuals that are not IT minded but still want to be able to see the document received from their supplier or who want to be able to deliver their invoice in a format that pleases their customer. 

Upload your document, then click on one of the buttons : 

  • 1. to delete the file again
  • 2. to view the document 
  • 3. to download the original file
  • 4. to see if the file is a valid ubl file
  • 5. to convert a pdf document into a ubl file
  • 6. to download the created ubl file

Limited to 5 documents per user to safeguard the application and try to avoid abuses.

If you're a professional and work with those electronic invoices, be sure to bookmark this site. 


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